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People sharing what they love because they love to share

#branfordlove hashtag that describes all the people, places & things we love about our coastal New England town. 

On social media #branfordlove is a community oozing with gratitude & appreciation sharing what they love because they love to share. Locals born & raised, transplants starting new, and visitors living in the moment of our breathtaking views, joyful events and “here you’re home” small town experience. 

The people that share 👉🏼#branfordlovers👈🏼are the people who make Branford one of the most unique places to live, give, work, learn, eat, drink, play & stay. 

When you include the hashtag #branfordlove on your social posts, blogs, articles & reviews you’re not only sharing top-trending love to the world, you’re included on an artfully visual time capsule that cre8tively catalogs Branford’s legacy. That’s right, you’re making history. 

5 years ago #branfordlove started out as a social experiment that turned into a trend that evolved into a movement. And this year we’re spreading the #branfordlove in new ways with a higher purpose and giving back to the beautiful town we love so much. 



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