Honeymoon's Over, Branford Love is breaking up with Instagram

Honeymoon's Over

Dear BranfordLovers,

We have fallen out of love with Instagram.

Social platforms proven to fuel & profit from the hate and harassments of it's users just doesn't sit well with us and is not a place we want to hang out. 

Shoutout to all the OG's who remember when the Gram was just a hip catalog of great photography from around the globe.


Peace & Love

Did you know there are over 300 families in Branford with kids who have special needs and disabilities.


Yet year after year there continues to be not enough appropriate in-district school supports, care assistance, afterschool or summer programing. No inclusive opportunities for to help our kids live happy healthy lives and feel welcome by peers in their own community.


It's just as isolating for the parents and caregivers.


EST. 2014